JSF in Action

JavaServer Faces (JSF, or simply “Faces”) makes it easy to develop web applications by bringing support for rich, powerful user interface components (such as text boxes, list boxes, tabbed panes, and data grids) to the web development world. A child of the Java Community Process, JSF is destined to become a part of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). This book will help you understand exactly what JSF is, how it works, and how you can use it in your projects today.



Developing Ajax-based Java applications

Developing Ajax-based Java applications


This Tech Talk provides an overview of the ICEfaces framework, which is designed to add AJAX to JSF based on a technology called Direct-to-DOM Rendering. This approach allows a web application to be rendered entirely on the server side. The browser essentially acts as a remote control to a server-side rendering of the DOM – making the AJAX capabilities transparent to the developer. Developers can work in a pure JSF programming model, have no exposure to JavaScript development or any of the low-level intricacies of AJAX and still get the full rich web capability.