Download Your Selections From 2 Million eBooks for the Month of July

4th annual e-book fair is going on World eBook Fair from July 4 to August 4. About 2 million pdf books are available for free download.

Project Gutenberg has been joined by The World Public Library and Digital Pulp Publishing, Internet Archive, along with Jim Baen [R.I.P.], in the creation of The World eBook Fair which hopes to bring you, and everyone else, a downloadable collection of 1/2 million eBooks in October, in honor of, what else, International Book Fair Month. Most of these eBooks are to be given away free of charge, but as requested by readers of The First World eBook Fair, more modern, and thus commercial, eBooks are to be a feature of The Second World eBook Fair.

4th annual e-book fair is going on from July 4 to August 4. About 2 million pdf books are available for free download.

This is a very good opportunity to download (and read!) as many e-Books as you want. So, make good use of it.

After the completion of this fair, the same collection will be available for an annual membership fee of $8.95. So, grab the opportunity. …. 🙂

Our goal is to provide Free public access for a month to 2 Million eBooks. During the rest of the year you may continue to download your selection of about 500,000 PDF eBooks by joining the World Public Library. Annual membership is only $8.95 per year.


JSF in Action

JavaServer Faces (JSF, or simply “Faces”) makes it easy to develop web applications by bringing support for rich, powerful user interface components (such as text boxes, list boxes, tabbed panes, and data grids) to the web development world. A child of the Java Community Process, JSF is destined to become a part of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE). This book will help you understand exactly what JSF is, how it works, and how you can use it in your projects today.


Fast Track to Sun Certified Java Programmer (SCJP) 5.0 Upgrade Exam

If you’d like to learn the new features in Java SE 5.0 and pass the Sun Certified Java Programmer Upgrade Exam (CX-310-056), then this book is for you. It covers all the Java SE 5.0 new features required in the exam. You don’t need to read about the existing features that you already know. 117 review questions and mock exam questions are included.


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Mastering EJB 3.0 Free Book


For those of you who were eagerly awaiting (who wasn’t?) EJB 3, here is a free book on the subject which can be downloaded from here. Hope you find it useful (at least is free!).This book is a tutorial on EJB 3.0.It’s about EJB concepts, methodology, and development. This book also contains a number of advanced EJB topics, giving you a practical and real-world understanding of the subject.