Adding close link to flash messages

The flash provides a way to pass temporary objects between actions. Anything you place in the flash will be exposed to the very next action and then cleared out. This is a great way of doing notices and alerts, such as a create action that sets flash[:notice] = "Successfully created" before redirecting to a display action that can then expose the flash to its template. Actually, that exposure is automatically done. But not closing or removing and that flash message will be there till the view is refreshed or a new action is served. [Read more..]


I don’t owe you shit

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The question was “What happened to the release????” on ruby-forum. But, what followed was furious, funny replies.

As an example check this out:

and it's now 24 July, I don't think it's inappropriate to get impatient for a release
or an explanation of the delay. Heck, if they asked for help, they might get some,
but this silence is bad if the core team want to keep their credibility. Why should I
trust a core team that can't get its act together to take 2 minutes to write a blog
post explaining why the release was delayed?

This should help clear things up:

If you wanna know what the rails community is all about (other than awesome) then read on. I develop Rails apps and I love everything about it, the Framework, community, blogs and the attitude is one among them.

Would I Survive No Internet for a Whole Month?

Can anyone, of the current generation, survive without the Internet nowadays? I don’t know. But if you ask me, the answer is plain simple NO.

Google Classic: Please Allow 30 Days for your Search Results

No. Not for a month. If there is no Internet there is no work. If there is no work there is boredom. If there is boredom and nothing else to do, then one should die. But, I want to live a little longer.

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Blog once and educate 40,000 underprivileged children of India

Here is a unique opportunity to reach out and impact thousands of lives through your blog. Yes, sitting at your desk and writing a blog post can help educate 40,000 young Indians all over our country!

One of India’s most trusted and credible NGOs, GiveIndia is taking part in a competition on Facebook to win a US$1 million grant. The winner will be the NGO that gets the highest number of votes from Facebook users. The prize of $1 million will help put or keep 40,000 children across India in school for one year!

Imagine the IndiBlogger community coming together to spread the word and help the underprivileged children of India. The impact would be tremendous and together, IndiBloggers and GiveIndia would be able to gather the votes we need to win.

Voting in the competition is for one week only, from Friday, January 15 – Friday, January 22, 2010. Can we make a difference in the next 5 days? We sure hope so!

The link for voting, where you can also see more details of the competition is

There’s been lots of talk about how social media can bring change and make an impact on the world we live in. Well, here is one tangible way for us to take a small action that could have a HUGE outcome.

Netherlands runs out of criminals, has to shut prisons

The Dutch justice ministry has announced it will close eight prisons and cut 1,200 jobs in the prison system. A decline in crime has left many cells empty.

The Netherlands (where most drugs are legal) has so few criminals that it is now faced with the choice of shutting down its prisons and laying off the staff, or importing criminals from other countries like Belgium on a contract basis:

During the 1990s the Netherlands faced a shortage of prison cells, but a decline in crime has since led to overcapacity in the prison system. The country now has capacity for 14,000 prisoners but only 12,000 detainees.

Deputy justice minister Nebahat Albayrak announced on Tuesday that eight prisons will be closed, resulting in the loss of 1,200 jobs. Natural redundancy and other measures should prevent any forced lay-offs, the minister said.

Netherlands to close prisons for lack of criminals