I don’t owe you shit

Originally uploaded by urbanwide

The question was “What happened to the release????” on ruby-forum. But, what followed was furious, funny replies.

As an example check this out:

and it's now 24 July, I don't think it's inappropriate to get impatient for a release
or an explanation of the delay. Heck, if they asked for help, they might get some,
but this silence is bad if the core team want to keep their credibility. Why should I
trust a core team that can't get its act together to take 2 minutes to write a blog
post explaining why the release was delayed?

This should help clear things up: http://bit.ly/diXfGx

If you wanna know what the rails community is all about (other than awesome) then read on. I develop Rails apps and I love everything about it, the Framework, community, blogs and the attitude is one among them.


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