Now you can. NASA now gives anyone the opportunity to send their name to Mars. Just enter your name, country and zip code into the form, and your name – along with many others – will be included in a microchip on the Mars Science Laboratory rover which will be heading to Mars in 2011. I just did and this is the “Certificate of Participation”.


But there is one problem. There is no data validation of the form. First of all, there’s no captcha, and the form accepts nearly anything, even very long entries. Check out some cool examples here and here, and hurry up if you really want your name to be on Mars because I suspect that the form might stop accepting new entries soon.



  1. Going to Mars personally would be a better idea. Maybe a hundred or so colonisers initially along with Cats, chicken, goat, tomato etc. No dogs please and certainly not Indian Scientists. The Indian ladies, certainly yes.

    This can happen in ten years if nations stop wasting natural resources on developing unnecessary technology ( USB, cell phones etc ), in developing weaponary for slave nations like India, Saudi, Philipines etc, on saving Polar Bears and “Wild” Dogs instead of eliminating them. OK the Polar Bears have the fur for caps and coats.

  2. I may have come across as prejudiced in the previous comment and in other places in this blog ( Sorry Aslam if this is costing You a few readers ), but once You stop this middle class virtual reality and look around, You will find mostly things to Discard and Simplify.

  3. Well, I agree with the problem.. But I guess they will read the names before sending it.. For a fact we all know, that the certificates are computer generated and no one really is present to check the name entered and then send across the same.. So this certificate is just an evidence.. But I’m pretty sure, they’d remove the names like the ones you’ve made and mentioned when the time comes.. That is in March, 2011 😀

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