They’re Coming For You

The Great Indian Open Election will be into its first round as 143 million of the country’s 700 million voters cast their vote for the 15th Lok Sabha election in their attempt to form India’s next government — the shape of which is still eluding even the wisest political pundits.

The outcome in 124 seats will be determined in Today’s polling, which is just over one-fourth of the 543 seats. But these seats are crucial to the power bids of all contenders — UPA, NDA, Third Front, Fourth Front, and many bit players whose support, too, will be desperately wooed as the group with the highest tally gets down to winning friends and influencing MPs after May 16, the summer day when all results will be announced.

But, whom should I vote for? this is the question which everyone of us must ask ourselves and answer. This should not be driven by emotions, religion, caste, community, money, favour. Every vote counts, everyone should use the power of vote. But the question remains, whom should I vote for?

We should do some research about the candidates contesting in our constitution. There are many sources of information one such source of information is national election watch (NEW) .

The National Election Watch (NEW) is a nationwide campaign comprising of more than 1200 NGO and other citizen led
organizations working on electoral reforms, improving democracy and governance in India.

National Election Watch is active in almost all states of India and has done election watch for all states and Lok Sabha elections since ADR, along with couple other organizations, won the PIL in Supreme Court in 2002 to making disclosure of educational, financial and criminal background of electoral candidates mandatory.

Lot of people around the country are questioning what our elected representatives do. Do you know what the responsibilities of our elected representatives are?

Although a few responsibilities of the elected representatives are defined, the fact is that their responsibilities are very fluid. In fact, citizens and voters of their constituency can and should approach them for any problem that affects general public – be it related to education, health, transport, or any issue affecting general public.

The purpose of this site is several fold:

* Give information on the elected representatives – everything that they give in their affidavits.
* Give information about a constituency – various human development index parameters.
* Give a chance to the general public to give comments on work done by their elected representatives.
* Rate various representatives based on peoples’ comments and improvement shown in their constituency during their tenure, etc.
* Feed this feedback back to your elected representative, so that he has a chance to work on the feedback received from his constituency.

National Election Watch has made comparative charts of contesting candidates available via, releases comparative charts for top 25 Phase 1 Red Alert Constituencies.

Other sources of information:

and ofcourse:


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