Process Explorer

The most amazing diagnostic tool ever, created by Microsoft Distinguished Fellow Mark Russinovich. If you use Task Manager, you should replace it with this free alternative, which does so much more.

You can think of Process Explorer as Task Manager on steroids. It provides system information, a hierarchical view of all running processes (including services), and an overwhelming number of technical details about how each process uses CPU and memory. It all runs in real time, making it an ideal troubleshooting tool.


The main Process Explorer window contains two panes. The top pane shows all active processes, while the bottom pane shows either handles or DLLs. When you right-click any entry in the process list, you get a dialog box with an amazing amount of information about the process. You can kill, suspend, or restart a process any time. The search/filtering tools are superb.
Process Explorer is a must for anyone who is trying to pin down performance problems on any Windows version or is just curious about what’s going on under the hood.

Bonus: No installation required. You just copy this program and run it. When you close it, it leaves no traces behind.





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