OpenSwing Framework

OpenSwing is an open source library of advanced Swing components, including many controls like multi-line label control, numeric field, currency field, calendar, grid, properties grid, tree, tree combined with a grid, lookup, buttons with image, combo-box, combo-box multi-column, radio button, check-box, list, list multi-column, wizard panel, image panel, splash screen, dialog windows, tip of the day frame, progress bar/panel/dialog, license agreement panel, alert window, iconifyable window.

It is also a framework that provides data binding mechanism between components and data model, based on the MVC paradigm. Data model is based on Java Beans (POJOs) and it is supported in all OpenSwing components, such as Grid control or components container.

Using OpenSwing it is possible to develop both Desktop applications and Rich Internet Applications, i.e. two tier and three tier applications. Spring, Hibernate and iBatis integration with OpenSwing is available too.


Official site:
Demo ERP application based on OpenSwing:




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