Binding XML to Java

Manipulating XML data easily and efficiently in Java remains an important problem. Numerous approaches to XML binding exist in the industry, including DOM, JAXB, XML Beans, Castor, and SDO and so on. In the article “Binding XML to Java” the authors explore how the Eclipse Modeling Framework, EMF, solves the XML binding problem in a number of interesting ways, and compare that to the alternatives.

“…The model that is used to represent models in EMF is called Ecore, and since Ecore is itself a model, it is called a Meta model, i.e., the model of a model. EMF supports this core meta model API, Ecore, analogous to XML Schema, as well as a core instance data model API, EObject, analogous to DOM Node. Ecore is to abstract syntax what XML Schema is to concrete syntax, i.e., a unifying meta model. But rather start with vague abstractions, it seems best to start from something well known and concrete on which to draw comparisons… “

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