Using Transactions in MySQL

While surfing through the net today, found this tutorial in Using Transactions in MySQL. Regardless of whether you’ve a novice who’s never heard of transactions before, or someone who’s been tinkering with MySQL for a while (like me), I think you’ll find this article interesting.

An excerpt from the article:

…MySQL is now in use in more than 30,000 installations across the planet and, with large corporate houses like SAP taking an interest in its future development, seems slated to give commercial RDBMS vendors a serious run for their money in the enterprise market…

…One of the newest features in MySQL, and one of the most frequently-requested ones on the MySQL wish list, is transactions. Transactions are found in almost all commercial RDBMSs, and their omission from the MySQL canon has been a source of much hand-wringing amongst MySQL enthusiasts for the last few years. Despite initial resistance to the idea from MySQL HQ (which was understandably concerned about reducing the speed of its RDBMS engine by adding transactional support to it), transactions have finally made an appearance in MySQL 4.0….

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