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Multi-Language VM proposal from OpenJDK mailing list

John Rose, from Sun, has proposed a “multi-language JVM” as part of the OpenJDK project. The “mlvm,” as he terms it, would support features like tail recursion, continuations, closures, tuples and value-oriented types, and more, in order to support alternative languages on the JVM… all while not compromising existing VM compatibility.

He had said in his post this as its goal:

“The emphasis will be on completing the existing bytecode and execution architecture with general purpose extensions, as opposed to a new feature for just one language, or adjoining an unrelated new execution model.

The emphasis will also be on work which removes “pain points”
already observed by implementors of successful or influential languages, as opposed to more speculative work on unproven features or niche languages.”

I think its a cool idea.. but isn’t it going the .NET way??


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